The following testimony was provided by one of the wonderful human beings MN Transplant Project was able to fully relocate before needing to shift to referral-only focus. Read the update letter here.

“My name is Tia. The MN transplant project saved our lives! They helped me get up here and found me temp housing while I figured out our next steps. I got my partner a bus ticket up here, the Transplant Project helped us with temp housing, transportation and connected us to other resources that greatly helped us get by. This is the most accepting state I've ever been. My life has been completely unstable after being disowned by my family over me being trans, but I finally feel like I have some stability here and will be able to do something meaningful with my life. I rarely experienced transphobia here in Minneapolis, people here are overly nice if anything.”

- Tia

The following statistics are accurate as of November 12, 2023:

AL 1
AR 1
FL 3
KS 1
KY 2
MO 0
OK 2
TN 2
TX 1
Foreign 1